MLM Targeted Text Link banner ads
Work from Home by selling U.S. targeted text link banner click packages
and cash in monthly subscription payments from your customers! provides you the turnkey traffic reseller website to become a U.S. banner click reseller today.

  • Custom domain name
  • Custom logo
  • Ready to use reseller website (Clone of Bizopplinks)
  • Paypal and Coinbase payment systems integrated and ready to use (Your Paypal email address is enough)
  • Reseller account to create users and banner campaigns on an unbranded stat site.
  • Includes 5,000 Free U.S. targeted text link click credits! ($99 Value)
  • Advanced Fraud protection system included to make sure you don’t lose your money due to fraudulent transactions or unsatisfied customers. We will refund 100% of the banner credits lost without condition!
Pay-Per-Click Resellers
You can buy text link banner clicks with 50% instant discount when you join us as a reseller and your credits will never expire! The reseller site we will set up for you looks exactly as does this site. The logo and the domain name will change only.
How it works
1 We create a clone of this site for you and your clients order their banner campaigns from your customized domain name at the price YOU specify and the payments go directly to your Paypal account. You can also accept crypto payments free of charge with a free Coinbase self managed merchant account! The reseller site does already include coding for Paypal and Coinbase.
2 You login to our unbranded stat site to set up your clients' traffic campaigns INSTANTLY and send the login information to your clients so they can check their real-time stats right away!
3 You will reset your clients'’ banner campaigns every month through our unbranded stat site by clicking on the red colored (RESET) button at the receipt of the monthly Paypal subscription payments from your clients!
It’s that easy!
Option #1: Buy your Turnkey website and start making money from home within 48 hours ($199)
Refer new resellers and get 15% commission for every TURNKEY WEBSITE purchased through your Affliate ID.
($44.85 per Referral)

Option #2: Get your Banner Click Reseller account without buying our TURNKEY WEBSITE

Buy your Reseller account today with 20,000 or 50,000 click credits
 Niche + US targeted traffic text link click credits
 20,000 click credits (Credits do never expire) $300.00 0.015/CLICK
 Niche + US targeted traffic text link click credits
 50,000 click credits (Credits do never expire) $600.00 0.012/CLICK
Frequently asked questions:
How long does it take to have my banner click reseller website ready?
A) We need 24-48 hours to customize the logo of your site and install the website to our servers.
Where can I host my reseller website?
A) We host your reseller website for you at $14 per month.
How do I promote my website once it’s ready?
A) You can advertise your website on social medias (facebook, twitter etc…), online forums, set up your own affiliate network, create your own blog, write articles, banner networks, pay per click providers and search engines optimization.
Can I change the number of clicks included in my banner campaigns from 500 to 1000 and increase my price accordingly?
A) Yes you are free to set up your own prices and you can change the amount of visitors included in your monthly traffic package you sell. You will however need a basic HTML editor to edit the text on your website template.
Can I sell banner clicks from other countries?
A) We are specialized in USA banner clicks only and that allows us to provide you our highly targeted U.S. + Niche targeted banner campaigns at the most competitive rates.
How is the traffic generated?
A) We send high quality U.S. targeted text link banner clicks to our client websites via text link banner ads. When visitors visit one of our expired domains, our 728x90 pixels sized banner ad appears at the top of the page. Every day, thousands of domain names expire because the owners have either abandoned them or failed to renew them. Most of these expired domain names experience some traffic achieved by the efforts of the owner before he/she lost interest. We use specialist web services to alert us to domain names that have expired in the past 12 hours. We then gauge the traffic levels through other online tools. If the domain has a clearly-defined target market and consistent traffic flow, we register the domain ourselves and direct the traffic to our server. You can also join us as a publisher to add our banner at the top of the your pages. Click here to see a few samples of our domain names.
Are there any additional or hidden charges to become a reseller?
A) Absolutely not! All fees listed on our website for resellers are a one-time cost except the $14 monthly hosting fee. We do not charge you for our stats and tracking system or for our free fraud protection system.
What are the typical delivery periods of your banner campaigns?
A) Most banner campaigns are completed within 30 days.
How do I add credits to your reseller account when my free 100,000 credits are exhausted? How do I add credits to my reseller account when my credits are exhausted?
A) You can purchase banner click credits of 20,000 credits for $300 ($0.015 per click). We accept payments by Paypal or Bitcoins and the credits are added to your reseller account at the receipt of the payment. Please contact us if you want to pay with Bitcoins.
Is there is a time limit to use the traffic credits I purchase from this page? Is there is a time limit to use the banner click credits I purchase from this page?
A) You can use your banner click credits whenever you want. They do never expire and you are not required to purchase anything else to keep your reseller account active.
Can I limit the traffic delivered to my traffic campaigns on a daily basis? Can I limit the traffic delivered to my traffic campaigns on a daily basis?
A) Yes, our system allows you to specify a daily limit for every banner campaign you set up.
Do you provide real-time tracking? Do you provide real-time tracking?
A) The traffic you purchase from us comes with free real-time tracking through our unbranded stat site. Your clients will be able to check the progress of their text link banner campaigns in real-time.
Can I set up sub-reseller accounts? Can I set up sub-reseller accounts?
A) Yes, you can set up an unlimited number of sub-reseller accounts when you join us as a reseller. Your resellers must purchase the banner clicks credits from you directly and they will never be able to find us.
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