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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where does your traffic come from?
A. We send high quality U.S. targeted banner clicks to our client websites via text link banner ads. When visitors visit one of our expired domains, our 728x90 pixels sized banner ad appears at the top of the page. Every day, thousands of domain names expire because the owners have either abandoned them or failed to renew them. Most of these expired domain names experience some traffic achieved by the efforts of the owner before he/she lost interest. We use specialist web services to alert us to domain names that have expired in the past 12 hours. We then gauge the traffic levels through other online tools. If the domain has a clearly-defined target market and consistent traffic flow, we register the domain ourselves and direct the traffic to our server. You can also join us as a publisher to add our banner at the top of the your pages. Click here to see a few samples of our domain names. Order Now!

2. How long will it take to start my text link banner campaign?
A. We will start your campaign within 8-16 hours. We guarantee you will receive the number of banner clicks purchased within 30 days or faster.

3. How often am I going to be charged?
A. Payments are processed by Paypal every 30 days and you are free to cancel your traffic subscription any time. Bitcoin payments are one time only. You should order again manually at the end of the 30 day period. Order Now!

4. How can I cancel my Paypal subscription?
A. You can easily cancel your Paypal subscription right after your first payment. It's easy and simple to cancel a subscription with Paypal, you don't need to sign any cancellation form or wait for an email reply. It's done INSTANTLY with a single click through your Paypal account. You can also send us an email and we will make sure your subscription is cancelled within 12-24 hours.

5. What programs are not accepted?
A. We do not accept programs that ask for quote services or require a user to give financial data. We can not and will not hold sensitive personal information. We will issue a full refund 48 hours upon the receipt of your order if rejected.

Some of the programs we do NOT accept to promote are..
- Insurance Quotes (Car, Life, Health etc.)
- Loan Programs ( Cash Advance, Payday, Auto, Mortgage etc.)
- Adult Related Offers
- Adult Related Personals (Friendfinder etc)
- Survey Sites

6. Does the service come with a guarantee?
A. We guarantee you will receive the amount of banner clicks purchased within 30 days. We will offer you bonus traffic or a prorated refund if we fail to deliver your 500, 1000 or 2000 targeted U.S. banner clicks within 30 days.

7. Will I be able to track the campaign stats?
A. We will provide you the login information to check your stats in real-time. Order Now!

8. What Payment Methods Are Accepted?
A. We accept PayPal payments using your Visa, MasterCard, checking account or current PayPal balance. You can also pay with Bitcoins if you don't have a Paypal account.

9. Are the traffic packages above refundable?
A. You have 3 days to request a full refund upon the activation of your banner campaign. There will be no refund issued if you request a refund after the first 3 days.

10. Can I order more than 2000 banner clicks monthly?
A. The size of our banner network is limited and the demand is high so we must cap the amount of clicks to 2000 monthly. We are registering new domain names to increase our inventory without affecting the quality of the traffic served. Order Now!